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How to upgrade to Windows 10?

Been a while since we have on the site there were no major reviews, and much more global, which are associated with updating/reinstalling the operating system. Predstavlyaem vashemu vnimaniyu compressed but very useful overview on how to upgrade to Windows 10.

Why upgrade to Windows 10 Everyone already knows that the summer of year 2015 world will get new OS from Microsoft called Windows 10. That in itself it will hide you can learn now to test it by running insajderstva, which allows you to download itself onto PC Preview-version and use them, and then send their reports on the work of the developers on the splashy OS. All this is done to ensure that the new system cheap windows 10 product key has not suffered a collapse, like Vista and everyone was able to contribute to the establishment of the best system. If you have any free laptop in mind, it is optimally suitable to upgrade to Windows 10. If you want to use a virtual machine, you will first need to put 7-8-CGS or CGS, and then updated-agree, it’s not exactly convenient, simply because you can directly download from the official website of the preview version and use it with virtual machines.


What needs to be done to optimize the update?

Make sure you really understand the risk of “dozens”. Check availability in the tested laptop/PC 2 GB operativy and 60 GB of memory and two CPUs. Put on a test laptop Prepare from the official site. Upgrade your laptop to test in Windows Update all available windows 10 updates. Restart the laptop and check the availability request for upgrade to Windows 10. The upgrade process to Windows 10: We are in the center of update see an update query, click on “Check.” and begin the installation process.

Please note that the upgrade process will occur in approximately 30-40 minutes, it depends on what kind of system settings. At the minimum, the installation may take up to an hour.

After installation, go to the properties buy windows 10 prodcut key already new systems and will be able to observe the following picture:

As we have seen, we have installed Windows 10 PT Preview activation is completed and if the dig deeper, you can find information about that activation is available up to October 1, 2015 year. If you want to continue to use and buy cheap windows 10 prodcuy k"unnecessary" laptop for testing, the settings adjust automatically install new assemblies:

We wish you good luck in upgrading to Windows 10.

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