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Office 2016: install it or not?

We talk about Microsoft Office 2016 , after three years from the last version, back in a new outfit and promises to change the way you write a text document, preserve data or hold corporate accounts. Microsoft has now changed microsoft office professional 2016 keygen course over the past, focusing more on the sharing of its applications and availability via cloud files. But is it really worth upgrading to this version?

Let’s try to investigate the characteristics of this new product to better understand whether or not to invest in the new Office.

If the version of 2013 had focused on record keeping in the cloud, the new Office 2016 went further, thus strengthening this aspect; now to use Word, office 2016 home key, Excel and all other instruments cheap office 2016 key do not longer tied to a single pc or laptop. Thanks to the magical cloud, you can create a document on your home computer and change it at will even in the park or at the pub by smartphone or tablet without fear of having to physically transfer the files from one device to another.


If you do a tour of the main tools office 2016 product key in the suite here come the painful notes. There are very few changes from versions from 2007 onwards. Excluding 6 new types of tables to be used in Excel and a new gray skin, very elegant and well matches the new look of Windows 10, we can argue that there are significant enhancements to justify buying Office 2016.

Some improvements can be found in Word, surely the most used program of the whole package. You have inserted the “Tell me” (literally “tell me”) thanks to which it will be easier to use those functions with office 2016 genuine key which we have less confidence and have an expert always on keyboard. If we were to have difficulties in insert a table, simply write “how to insert a table” to get on the screen the answer you were looking for. It is not an innovation, but something pleasing to many, especially the less experienced.

But the most interesting and useful new feature for those who need to work is the ability to view which documents are edited, and from which users, in real time. Then you can check the status of your documents in the cloud, maybe to stop for long a contributor in the process of putting hand out of a text, or check the history of a text in order to go back to earlier versions by using the repair option. The only flaw of this innovation is that unfortunately was made only to Word, office 2016 professional plus serial key for the time being.

In good times and bad: OUTLOOK 2016
The new system to manage mail did not receive sensitive changes, but despite this we can say that it is not the utmost convenience for those who do not use services like Outlook.com or Office 365. In other words, those who use Gmail as your mail service, you’ll see the mail on the new Outlook, but will not be able to import contacts or calendar items. Strangely, Microsoft has thought about leaving this privilege to the mail program pre-installed on Windows 10. In short, Outlook 2016 is both great if used by Exchange users and incomplete for everyone else.

But it’s not all bad news for lovers of Outlook: a welcome change is the ability to insert documents as attachments by Skydrive without needing to upload the file; the recipient will receive a simple link to the cloud, thereby making it lighter than your mail. Besides, for the more disordered, was added the option that automatically separates the Inbox Clutter by putting priority messages to a different folder than everyone else. Unfortunately this feature is automatic and there is no ability to customize the priorities.

With Office 2016 the possibility of communicating multiply. By integrating with Skype for Business (formerly called Lync) with which you can make audio calls, video, screen sharing and calendar deadlines, now business communications are more immediate. Beware though the quality of group chat: you definitely improve mainly to a program called Business, should be a fundamental point.
What best sums up the concept of Office 2016, the idea of sharing and power of documents to the cloud, is the real news of version 2106, Sway. This new tool allows anyone to create web sites in a simple and highly graphic without any effort or knowledge on the subject. Just get photos, videos, texts and of course creativity to tell their story, experience or holiday. Sway is a synthesis, rather than a hybrid, between Word and PowerPoint carried on the network and, although also present inside the package, you can use it even without Office 2016: just search for it on the web, it’s free.

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